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Greetings from the Mayor

Agustín Martínez Torregrosa

It is an honor for me to be able to present this Web page and thank the Hon. Diputación de Alicante the opportunity to make known the town of Gaianes to which we are proud to belong.

With this page we fulfill one of the main objectives of the corporation that I preside over, which is none other than to promote closeness to the citizen. It is an open window to better understand all the activities and administrative procedures that we will be developing and so that the visitor knows our town, located in the skirt of Benicadell, where the traveler can enjoy the landscape that surrounds our town and the kindness of its people , where you can visit the church of San Jaime Apóstol, the ethnological museum, where the virgin olive oil was made, the lagoon of the lagoon, our parties, our gastronomy and the hermitage of San Francisco de Paula. From this picturesque enclave hikers can visit among others: the Black Cova, the Alto de la Nevera, the Benicadell that attracts every year to climbing numbers and a great etcetera of charming places.

Gaianes is a town of welcoming, familiar and hospitable people, where it coexists in happy harmony, past and present, traditions and modernity. A traditionally agricultural town, now coexists with an incipient industry, and seeks the balance between agriculture, nature and industry. We must bear in mind that being a working people, alive and dynamic, is the greatest and best patrimony we have.

I invite you to get to know us and to enjoy everything our people offer them, our cultural and natural heritage and our identity, with endless charms that will not leave you indifferent.

Simply, reiterate that the doors of the town hall are open to all, and I encourage you to participate in all the activities and parties that are celebrated. In my person you will find someone willing to listen, open to suggestions and to work for our people.

Receive a greeting.

Agustín Martínez Torregrosa

Mayor of Gaianes